Trademarks filed for NFTs, metaverse and cryptocurrencies soar to new levels in 2022

The number of companies filing trademarks for nonfungible tokens (NFTs), metaverse-related virtual goods and services, and cryptocurrencies has grown rapidly in 2022.

According to data compiled by licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, the number of trademark applications filed for digital currencies, as well as their related goods and services, has reached 4,708 as of the end of October 2022 — surpassing the total number filed in 2021 (3,547).

Thru October, 4708 US trademark apps have been filed for digital/cryptocurrencies + related goods/services
Jan: 481
Feb: 541
Mar: 612
Apr: 589
May: 561
June: 461
July: 416
Aug: 345
Sep: 378
Oct: 324

The 2021 total was 3547#Crypto #Fintech #DeFi #Cryptocurrencies #Web3 #NFTs

— Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) November 7, 2022

The number of trademark applications filed for the metaverse and its related virtual goods and services also soared to 4,997 from the 1,890 filed in 2021. This seems to suggest a massive appetite for the metaverse and its related products, despite the setbacks the ecosystem has faced in becoming fully functional.

Thru October, 4997 US trademark apps have been filed for Metaverse and virtual goods/services:
Jan: 417
Feb: 573
March: 773
April: 577
May: 549
June: 550
July: 398
Aug: 428
Sept: 398
Oct: 334

The 2021 total was 1890#Metaverse #Web3 #NFTs #MetaverseNFT #VirtualReality #NFT

— Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) November 7, 2022

The desire for NFTs as a technology still appears to be on the rise, despite a recorded decline in NFT trading volume and sales. According to Kondoudis’ statistics, the total number of trademark applications for NFTs and their related products increased from 2,142 in 2021 to 6,855 as of October 2022.

Thru October, 6855 US trademark apps have been filed for NFTs and related goods/services
Jan: 644
Feb: 789
Mar: 1082
Apr: 898
May: 767
June: 729
July: 542
Aug: 522
Sept: 445
Oct: 437

The 2021 total was 2142.#NFTs #Web3 #NFTCommmunity #Metaverse #MetaverseNFT #NFT

— Mike Kondoudis (@KondoudisLaw) November 7, 2022

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Within the past month, a number of companies have filed fresh trademark applications to join the Web3 ecosystem. On Oct. 21, makeup and cosmetic giant Ulta filed a trademark application for plans to include NFTs and virtual makeup and salon services among its offerings.

Luxury watchmaker Rolex also filed a trademark application with plans to bring NFTs, NFT-backed media, NFT marketplaces and a cryptocurrency exchange to its empire.

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