ApeCoin DAO proposes a bug bounty program

With ApeCoin staking going live soon, ApeCoin DAO council members are thinking of launching a bug bounty program which, they’re hoping, will attract the attention and services of white hat hackers.

Last Thursday I submitted a draft AIP to fund a $1M bug bounty program for the staking contract which is set to go live in a few weeks.
My original idea was to fund an ongoing bug bounty program but in the interest of time I decided to narrow the scope to just AIP-21

— maaria.eth (@maariabajwa) October 18, 2022

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The council has allocated 1 million APE of treasury assets to the program, extending the timeline of AIP-22 until the end of the proposed bug bounty period.

The new bug bounty program is expected to delay the staking event by 2-4 weeks, but council members feel it is important for security purposes.

Although details of the program remain undecided, the ApeCoin Foundation will maintain discretion on the payouts for vulnerabilities until they assess the situation with relevant experts.

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