Elon Musk shares his vision for Twitter 2.0 in a presentation

If you think Twitter was doing badly, think again!

Elon Musk just revealed that the platform’s growth numbers are at an all-time high, and his content moderation attempts were largely successful…as far as the numbers can show.

Slides from my Twitter company talk

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 27, 2022

In his deck, which doubles as a roadmap, he also shared his vision for Twitter 2.0, an “everything app” that capitalizes on video content, frames advertising as entertainment, fleshes out the service with long-form tweets and encrypted DMs, introduces a paid model, and relaunches the verified blue check mark.

He also revealed that he’s hiring, after firing 65% of his employees.

The tweet attracted mixed reviews, with people swinging wildly between loving his ideas or hating them. Some users also commented on the ‘empty’ payment slide, using this as an opportunity to pitch their own payment solutions. Others, however, just made fun.

go on lol

— Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt) November 27, 2022

Some users also drew attention to the fact that the slide had a typo, but it is unclear if that implies the numbers were dated or someone forgot to update the slide from an older template. Either way, as a user puts it, Elon should cut his employees some slack.

Come on, dude.

— Ivan the K™ (@IvanTheK) November 27, 2022

11/5 to 11/15 takes up half the graph

— webob (@webob6) November 27, 2022

A number of users also questioned Elon’s rather vague ‘Toxicity Score’ of 0.91 or higher, which is stated in the hate speech slide, noting that it lacks context and clarity into what constitutes toxicity.

Elon was also getting a lot of attention from the Web3 community, of whom a lot were ‘bullish’ on his ideas, while others spent their time pointing out the obvious: the many failing features of Twitter that are recently just starting to take place.


— Dōgen (@realdogen) November 27, 2022

Yesterday, many users also reported that the block feature was failing, with many blocked followers being able to hold conversations and message each other after they were supposedly blocked.

Twitter is being weird all around. It removes, followers from your account, unlikes tweets you clicked like on, shows blocked and/or accounts and convos on the TL, and gave me until recently fake notifs but didn't show me what I got a notif for…
Blocked you to test something.

— 『Commander』 (@CommanderAMB) November 27, 2022

It auto-unblocked you after I replied???
Either some things are seriously wrong with the code or that's some undocumented function…

— 『Commander』 (@CommanderAMB) November 27, 2022

You are now fully blocked. Don’t ask how I am sending this message.

— JP Etcheber ( (@jpscribbles) November 27, 2022

Same. My phone even pushed me a notification for a person I know for 100% fact I had blocked. They were unblocked AND I got an alert. I don’t even have alerts turned on!

— Aₙₙᵢₑ 🍂 (@NowW_MoreCheese) November 28, 2022

It is unclear what the status of these features is on Elon’s development priorities, since he has not acknowledged them on Twitter just yet.

This is a developing story.

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